Bicycle Service

Your bicycle doesn't run on love alone. It also needs a little lube, a lotta love, and a good listen. Our service staff will take the time to understand your specific needs based on your budget.

All bicycles were created to transport us and that is what they should do!  We service all makes and models of bicycles from Huffy to Cannondale to 1938 Shelby Flying Clouds!  All of our service includes a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!

Service Includes Price
Safety Tune 30 Minutes addressing any issues that make the bicycle unsafe or un-rideable $40
Standard Tune   Our basic bicycle tune-ups include the adjustments of front and rear brakes, front and rear derailleurs (shifting), and the adjustments of all bearing surfaces (headset, bottom bracket, hubs meaning everything that makes your bike safe and easy to ride). Minor wheel truing is included as well as lubing all cables, chain, and pivot points on components. Last, but not least all of our tune-ups include a bike wash!

Single Speed $50 


Comprehensive Tune   Our comprehensive bicycle tune includes everything in our standard tune, plus removal of the drive train, ultrasonic clean, lubricate and installation, labor for replacing chain, cassette, crank & derailleurs. Last, but not least all of our tune-ups include a bike wash!

Single Speed $75


Deluxe Tune   Our deluxe tune-ups include everything listed in the comprehensive tune as well as: replacing all cables and housing, repacking all bearing surfaces with new grease, and pulling your entire drivetrain from the bike and cleaning it inside and out using a parts washer! Last, but not least all of our tune-ups include a bike wash!

Single Speed $100


Ala Carte Menu    
Replace tire/tube Removal and installation of tire and/or tube (excludes price of tire/tube) $6
Accessory Installs Installation of accessories (bells, lights, fenders, baskets, etc). $6-$25
Bearing Surface Adjustments Adjustment of bearing surfaces such as headset, bottom bracket, and hubs to ensure they operate smoothly and safely. $8
Install Grip Tape Removal of old grip tape and wrapping of new grip tape. $12
Installation/Removal of Freewheel or Cassette Pulling off and/or installing your gear cluster located on the rear wheel of the bicycle. $12
Adjust Derailleurs Cable tension and derailleur limits will be adjusted to ensure proper and accurate shifting. $17
Adjust Brake Adjustment of cable tension, brake pads, and centering of brake calipers to ensure proper and safe braking! $17
Bearing Surface Overhauls Removal of old bearings and installation of new with fresh grease. $15-$25
Wheel Truing Adjusting spoke tension to ensure the wheel runs straight and true.  Price varies depending on severity of wheel true. $17-$30

Bleed Brake

Hydraulic brakes are a whole different animal. Brake bleed includes the purge of old brake fluid followed by pushing new fluid through the brake lines until all air bubble are removed and brakes operate safely and properly. $35
Wheel Building Lacing of spokes to hoop and hub and proper tensioning of wheel to offer superb rigidity. $60
Suspension Fork Overhaul Complete rebuild of suspension fork including new seals and oil. $80
Other Services Don't see what you need, we most likely offer the service there is just too much to list here. Call the store for further pricing information! $66 Hour