What We Do

We strive to make sure that everyone who wants to feel the joy of riding a bike, wants to stay in shape, or simply needs transportation has that opportunity. In order to do that we offer a wide variety of new and used bicycles, fitness, parts and accessories. 

Bicycles are what got the wheels turning at this 40 year old locally owned business. From Dave's childhood garage to our newly renovated showroom bicycles are still what we do best. We proudly carry new bicycles from Raleigh, Schwinn, Diamondback, Fuji, GT, Sun, SE, and Micargi. All of our bicycles are assembled by trained mechanics, as well as inspected and test ridden by a teammate.  

Used bicycles include any and all brands, many of which you have not heard of in years! For example we just had a gorgeous early 80's Legnano with a full Campy component set out for sale, although it didn't take long for that gem to dissappear.  We love to see things like that but we also love that we offer budget priced bikes starting at $50 to make sure anyone and everyone has the opportunity to have transportation if they need it. We love that we get to cater to those who maybe haven't ridden a bike for many,many, many years or maybe have never even had the chance to ride a bike. We want to get you riding so that you can see first hand why we are so passionate about the freedom that two (or 3) wheels can get you!

All of our bicycles come with a free tune-up, lifetime adjustments, and a 30-day guarantee. If you don't like it we will find something that you do! Our used bicycles are also backed by a 90-day warranty, that's not something you get shopping online!  

Fitness is a year-round activity, but if you live in Colorado the fact of the matter is it gets downright cold here for a few months! During those chilly times we all still want to stay happy and healthy which is why we carry fitness equipment!  We sell new and used from great brands like Schwinn, Nautilus, BH, Vision, and the list goes on. Our new equipment is backed by a manufacturer warranty and our used equipment is back by the same 90-day warranty we offer on our bicycles! Recycled Cycles also offers you a chance to try it before you buy it! 

Accessories are an important part of cycling. You wouldn't buy a car but skip the seatposts, or opt out of a trunk option, would you? Well we have you covered when it comes to outfitting your bicycle with bags, helmets, locks, lights, you name it we have it, well -- I can't promise that, but I can promise we will find it!  

Parts can sometimes be difficult to find, but not at Recycled Cycles.  We have new parts as well as buckets and bins full of a literal bicycle gold mine.  Been looking for those shifters for your old Schwinn?  How about the fenders for your vintage cruiser? This is your best shot at finding them!  In here you will find anything from $2 brake sets to an old Campy derailluer. We can't really say any more about it other than come on in and check it out!