Adult Globber One Kick Folding Scooter

This new addition to the Globber family allows use of a full size scooter for both every day commuters and weekend travelers. The easy to transport One Second Kick Folding mechanism allows for storage in even the tightest of spaces. You no longer have to carry it thanks to its trolley mode feature easy parking-storage option (with brake) thanks to its wheel locking feature, it can be stored vertically. Handlebars are fixed high off the deck to accomodate riders of all sizes. The rigidity of extruded aluminum creates a solid base for riders new and advanced. Extra wide deck and low to the ground base resist against wear from intensive daily use.

Dominator Team Edition

The Dominator Team Edition Complete Scooter is finally here! Want to ride the very same scooter that the Dominator team are riding? well, this is the scooter for you! It features top of the line parts that have never been seen before like the Mini HIC Cold Forged Aluminium Fork, and the Aluminum 7 Spoke Core 110mm wheels are just a couple things that really sets this guy over the top. This is a perfect gift for someone who is just getting into scootering, or even someone who's been riding for a while and is looking for a upgrade.

Dominator Sniper

The Dominator Sniper is the official powerhouse complete scooter that is shooting beyond its competition. Equipped with one of the best compression systems and many other top of the line components, this scooter is the new benchmark for what an amazing scooter should be. Proportionally sized and balanced to accommodate a wider range of riders and skill levels.

Kota Ninja Kids Scooter

The Kota Ninja Scooter is designed for the young shredder who is looking for their first freestyle scooter. The Ninja uses strong materials for its main components which makes this scooter better for young beginner riders and will be the perfect starting point for your child's first freestyle scooter.