The E-bike is just a regular bicycle with an electric motor to provide additional power while you pedal. 

Whether you’re commuting, trail riding, or just enjoying life on two wheels, electric bikes offer the boost you need to go further and enjoy even more of your day.  Perfect for your daily commute or even for trips to the shops on the weekend. Electric commuter bikes make it easy to glide along in comfort, knowing that with the help of a little electricity, you’ll be at your destination sweat-free and on-time!

The instant you start pedaling, the motor kicks in and your grin begins. Wherever you’re headed, electric bikes are ready to ride. From a leisurely ride after dinner to packing up the bike in the camper and heading down the coast, the design and geometry of these leisure of these bikes will get you to your destination in comfort! Stop by anytime to test ride an e-bike. 

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