Kids Trade-in Guarantee

Finally, a practical trade-in program for kids that recognizes the changing needs of families, and it’s guaranteed! Kids grow! At Recycled Cycles, we know the cost of up-sizing your child’s bicycle and helmet to safely fit your child every couple years can be prohibitive. 

Our Guaranteed Trade-In Program promises you at least 50% of the price you paid us when you trade it in within three years!  New bikes and used bikes from 12" through 24" wheel size and toddler through youth helmets are eligible.  All you have to do is keep their current bike in decent condition, don’t lose the training wheels, and your child can be comfortably riding a properly fit bike every year or two, until they’re ready for their first adult bicycle.

Trade In or Donate

Recycled Cycles accepts trade-ins on selected bikes and fitness equipment.  Although we cannot guarantee any value for items we are able to take in, please bring it by!  Some bikes are worth several hundred dollars in trade.  Others are simplydumpster fodder.  If your old bike or fitness machine is not currently something we can accept for cash trade, you are always welcome to donate it to us.  Recycled Cycles donates over 100 bikes every year to various charitable causes, so you can be assured we will either recycle some or all of the components or donate it to a needy cause or individual.

Try Before You Buy

We at Recycled Cycles appreciate that the purchase of a fitness machine can be daunting. There’s nothing worse than buying a machine, only to find out in a week or two that it isn’t the right machine for you. We’ve solved that problem! Recycled Cycles’ Try Before You Buy Program allows you time to decide if the machine is right for you.  It’s only 20% down, then within 30 days you can pay the balance, trade it for another machine, or return it. There are no fees associated with our Try-Before-You-Buy Program.  In fact, if you decide to keep the machine, your original 20% down payment goes toward the purchase.

Flat Free Guarantee

Your best protection from the flat tires is our 3-step solution:

#1   A 3-times thicker, thorn resistant inner tube
#2   A special tire liner that is impervious to nails, glass... even ice picks!
#3   Three ounces of patented, long-lasting SLIME to seal any hole that may get through #1 or #2

These 3 solutions prevent 99% of all flat tires! However, if you are the 1%, bring your bike in and we guarantee a FREE, while-you-wait, repair!

Buy 5 Tubes, Get 1 Free

Recycled Cycles makes it easy for you to save money on tubes!  Simply buy 5 tubes, and get 1 FREE!  If you find you are
buying A LOT of tubes, make sure to check out our Flat-Free Guarantee Program!

In House Financing

you want to take your dream bike home today, apply for our in-house financing. Purchase your bike - INTEREST FREE - for 6 months. Monthly payments are required based on the 6 month promotional period.  Details available in store