Recycled Cycles is celebrating our 36th Anniversary! We have huge savings for everyone! Roll On!

Raleigh Bikes Rebate!

$50-$100 Rebate on select Raleigh Bikes!

America’s top 100 Bike Shops

Recycled Cycles in Fort Collins -- One of America's 100 Best Bike Shops

Huge thanks go out to the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado Community!!  

After 35 years in business we have been chosen as one of America’s top 100 Bike Shops!!

Who is Recycled Cycles?

So who is Recycled Cycles?  We are you!  We are commuters, mountain bikers, road bikers, bmx'ers, weekend warriors.  We pull our kids in trailers, go on group rides, race, and cruise casually through the neighborhood.  We are here because we love bicycles, we love the feeling you get when you cruise down the path, we love the smells that come from the gardens, kitchens, and fields of Fort Collins.  We love the fact that cycling even an hour a week can make you a happier and healthier person!

So what does Recycled Cycles do?

Recycled Cycles has been reconditioning used bicycles and fitness since 1978.  We sell new and used bicycles, fitness equipment, accessories, and parts.  We offer repair services for bikes of all makes and models as well as fitness equipment.  We are here to get every man, woman and child that wants to ride a bike on the road!  

Our motto? ROLL ON!

Stay Young, Ride a Bike

Congrats to Christopher Blair for his submission in our “Stay Young, Ride a Bike” $200 Gift Card Giveaway.  Christopher gave us this very heartfelt submission!

“Riding my cruiser reminds me of my late grandfather and seeing pictures of him and my grandmother riding their bikes through the streets of Kingsley Iowa. One of the reasons I bought a cruiser was to enjoy riding as much as he did in those pictures. Life is always easier and more calm on a cruiser! If only I could find a wood panel one made for ex football players.”

Today's Tip

Learning Group Riding – A great way to learn how to cycle in a group is to practice with a group of friends. Simply pick a route with little traffic and work on getting comfortable following each other closely. Work on taking short “pulls” at the front and maintaining a steady pace geared towards your slowest rider. Talk a lot so that you know how everyone’s doing. Don’t overlap wheels. When it’s your turn at the front, don’t accelerate. Hold the group pace. When you tire, pull off and soft pedal until you’re at the back. With regular practice, you’ll find that group rides are a blast because you can cover ground so much more easily than when riding alone.

Feature Items

Avenir Urban Headlight
Avenir Urban Headlight

You've never heard of anybody being afraid to get caught in the light, so bring along Avenir's bright Urban Headlight on every sojourn. It uses three… [more]

Schwinn Coffee 2
Schwinn Coffee 2 - 2013

Schwinn's Coffee 2 is an easy-riding town bike perfect for commuting, errands and plain old fun. With its sweet-handling Schwinn frame and 700c… [more]

OnGuard Bulldog STD
OnGuard Bulldog STD

OnGuard's Bulldog STD boasts a 13mm-thick hardened-steel shackle and OnGuard's stout X2 double-bolt lock that resists drilling, picking, bumping and… [more]

Schwinn Rendezvous 2 - Women's
Schwinn Rendezvous 2 - Women's - 2014

Be the envy of the coffee-shop crowd with Schwinn's beautiful Rendezvous 2. This versatile city-slicker boasts an easy on/off step-through frame,… [more]

Planet Bike Blinky Safety Light Set
Planet Bike Blinky Safety Light Set

The Blinky Safety Light Set features a white headlight and a red taillight, both with super bright LEDs for top-notch visibility and safety. They… [more]


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